Flow Builder

Visually design conversational flows that automate messages and actions across the customer engagement.


Use Triggers, Messages and Actions to Visually Build Conversational Flows

With SanoFlow’s Flow Builder, you can build no-code conversational & business workflows that send rich messages on multiple messengers, plus perform workflow actions like assigning conversations to the right team.

Manage More Customers with Less Effort

SanoFlow’s chatbot building platform makes it easy to create no-code virtual assistants that automate conversational journeys on multiple channels, allowing you to effortlessly manage more customers with less effort.

Respond To Messages Without Delay
Start With A Template, Then Make It Your Own
Reduce Manual Work With Custom Actions
Conversational Marketing Automation

Create No-Code Chatbots with Our Drag and Drop Builder to Engage Customers, Qualify Leads, and Answer FAQs Quickly.

Respond to messages without delay Start with a template Custom Actions Automation

Connect Your Business Systems with Ease

SanoFlow’s Flow Builder Integrates with Your Existing Business Systems, Making Customer Communication Easy and Efficient.

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