The Next Chapter of Ecommerce

Create a personalized experience that’s tailored yet consistent across all channels -all backed by flexible technology and an operating model that places digitally driven commerce at the center of your business.

Impressive Results and Success Metrics

Experience a significant increase in lead quality by utilizing SanoFlow's targeted messaging and efficient customer engagement strategies.


More Qualified Leads

Maximize your sales potential by leveraging SanoFlow's powerful tools, leading to a 2X increase in conversions across various industries.


Increase in Conversions

Boost customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases with personalized messaging and seamless support, resulting in a 37% increase in repeat business.


Increase in Repeat Purchases

Fuel Engagement Across Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Seamless E-Commerce Integrations

Centralize Your E-commerce Operations for a Unified View

Make your e-commerce site smarter by integrating with our widget for a unified view of customer behavior. Personalize pop-up messages based on the webpage the customer is currently browsing for a more targeted engagement.

Smart Social CRM

Engagement with Targeted Social CRM Strategies

Leverage the power of segmentation for personalized customer engagement. Automate targeted messaging campaigns to reconnect with shoppers and boost your revenue.

Real-Time Analytics

Optimize Your Strategy with Real-Time chat analytics

Gain deeper insights into your chats performance and team effectiveness with real-time analytics. Use these insights to plan and allocate resources more effectively for your marketing and business strategies.

Amplify your digitally driven commerce with Unique Features

Smart Routing to Enhance Efficiency

Automate the routing of incoming messages to the appropriate team for quick and efficient responses.

From product inquiries to logistical issues, ensure a seamless customer journey from start to finish.

Engage contacts across channels using targeted instant messaging drip campaigns. Design unique customer journeys based on message responses or actions for a more personalized experience.

Auto-assign inquiries to relevant teams like sales, logistics, or after-sales service.

Enhance your team’s productivity by integrating SanoFlow with popular tools and platforms, including CRM, marketing automation, and e-commerce solutions. Simplify your workflow and keep all your customer data in one place.

Streamline communications for a smoother customer journey.

Quickly perform common predefined actions such as assigning conversations, adding tags, or sending predefined responses.

Enhance response time and efficiency with smart message routing.

Collaborative Conversations for Improved Service

Break down silos and enable cross-team collaboration on customer conversations.

Whether it’s sales, marketing, or support, customers can reach the right team members without the need for multiple contact points.

24/7 Automated Conversations for Round-the-Clock Support

Leverage automation to provide immediate responses to customer inquiries, even outside of business hours.

Make every customer feel valued and seize every sales opportunity that comes your way.

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