Boost Patient Engagement And Reduce No Shows

Make your practice become digitally enabled, increase lead flow, use omnichannel messaging, and analyze data in real-time to improve patient engagement

Impressive Results and Success Metrics

Experience a significant increase in lead quality by utilizing SanoFlow's targeted messaging and efficient customer engagement strategies.


More Qualified Leads

Maximize your sales potential by leveraging SanoFlow's powerful tools, leading to a 2X increase in conversions across various industries.


Increase in Conversions

Boost customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases with personalized messaging and seamless support, resulting in a 37% increase in repeat business.


Increase in Repeat Purchases

Transform Patient Experience From The First Touch-Point

Acquire new patients, reduce no-shows, and retain existing patients with flawless patient experience from the first inquiry.
Use automated communication to minimize response time, and auto-assign patients to the best-fit doctor and desired time slot. Ensure prompt appointment confirmation or support calls from the hospital call center or front desk.

Reduce No shows:

Say goodbye to unforeseen cancellations and bring down no-shows to a bare minimum with Automated appointment notifications and confirmations on WhatsApp.

Reduce response time:

Stay available round the clock with automated replies to frequently asked questions and respond to patient inquiries and requests in a timely and efficient manner.

EMR Integration:

We integrate with the most widely used practice management and EMR & EHR systems, so your office and patients benefit from a streamlined experience.

Automate patient journey and interactions:

Track patient interactions across channels – website, WhatsApp, social media, walk-ins and more. In healthcare, you need to listen carefully before you advise your patients. Patient communication should be no different. Build trigger-based healthcare communication workflows easily in Sanoflow.

Collect and manage patient feedback:

Collect patient feedback post-appointment. This would not only help you assess the quality of your service, doctors, and facilities but would also help you win back disgruntled or dissatisfied patients with timely and relevant action.

Maximize Marketing ROI:

Gain insights into your patients’ behaviors, preferences, and needs. Tailor your marketing campaigns to reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Sanoflow Facilitates The Entire Lead Conversion Process From Start To Finish.

By bringing your company’s communication with your lead and patients in one place, Sanoflow lets your entire team rally around a single app for day-to-day work.

One Tool To Learn

One Place To Check For Notifications

No More Constant Switching Between Different Tabs, Social, And Other Chat Apps.

This allows for a smoother handoff between Marketing, Operations & Admin, and a more delightful experience for your patients.

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