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Healthcare CRM: What It Is and Why You Need It


healthcare crm

The healthcare industry continues to grow nationally and globally year after year. Whether yours is a hospital or another type of medical clinic, the rate of clientele that comes through your doors has also likely increased in recent years.

Managing your patients on a pen and paper system is a long-since outdated method, but you might even find that with current technology like computers, the needs of some of your patients still fall through the cracks.

Healthcare CRM could be the solution your medical facility has been looking for. This guide will be your introduction to healthcare CRM, including what it is and how it’s beneficial to hospitals, clinics, and more.

What Is Healthcare CRM?

Customer relationship management or CRM is a type of software you hear a lot about in marketing and sales. That might have led you to assume that CRM is not usable in healthcare erroneously. Applying CRM in this industry is one of its greatest uses.

Healthcare CRM has many features a healthcare facility or hospital needs. Let’s take a closer look now at the functions of CRM so you have a better idea of what types of features you might expect.

Contact Management

A growing patient load in a hospital is a benchmark of success, but the long list of people requiring services must be regularly managed. Through healthcare CRM, you and your team of doctors, nurses, and front-desk staff can review your patients at a glance anytime using SanoFlow’s enquiry management capabilities.

In the CRM, you can glean important metrics about the patient, such as their history of interactions with your facility, any current or upcoming appointments, the medications they’re on, the services they’ve received, etc.

Lead Generation

Even in the healthcare industry, lead generation is paramount. CRM can help you draw in new leads and manage them efficiently so they’ll choose your hospital or medical facility for all their healthcare needs.

In the CRM, you can create lead magnets and newsletters, customizing parameters so the contents of these appeal to your audience. You can also send targeted bulk emails and SMS messages to capture more leads using SanoFlow’s promotional messaging.


Although there are only 24 hours in a day, in a few other industries the time goes by faster than in healthcare. If your doctors and nurses are stretched too thin, automation in CRM is the right solution.

Whether it’s appointment scheduling, email follow-ups, or even lead generation, you set the rules for your healthcare CRM automation workflow, and it will take care of the rest.

Online Scheduling

Your hospital sifts through dozens, possibly hundreds of appointment requests every day. Sometimes, appointment requests can get misplaced or overlooked. Double-booking can even occur in some cases.

With CRM, customers can book appointments online through your website. The CRM will update in real-time, removing appointment slots that are no longer available to prevent double bookings.

Reminders and Alerts

Is a long-term patient about to come in for a routine checkup? Was your next appointment rescheduled for two weeks from tomorrow? CRM software can update its users with alerts and reminders so you never miss a beat.

Omnichannel Communication

Today, we have more ways than ever to communicate. Keeping track of which patients emailed versus using your Facebook form to ask questions or request an appointment can be difficult if not impossible.

Within your CRM, all the platforms you use to interact with patients are tied into one seamless dashboard with SanoFlow’s omnichannel inbox. Now you can see all the patient requests and respond to them without logging into and out of different programs and apps.


How many leads did your healthcare facility generate this month? Did your hospital receive an influx of patients or is the number in a downturn? Custom reporting within your CRM will display the metrics that matter the most to your medical facility.

Why You Need Healthcare CRM

Now that you understand the features a quality healthcare CRM offers, let’s talk about how this software can benefit your hospital.

Time Savings

This goes back to our point about only having 24 hours in a day. When your medical staff is bogged down with administrative tasks such as paperwork or making phone calls to confirm appointments, those precious minutes can never be returned.

When using CRM automation, everyone from your front-desk staff to your nurses and doctors will feel like their schedules are freed up. That spare time can be used for seeing more patients.

Acquire New Leads

It’s hard to tell if your lead generation tactics work when you have no metrics for tracking them. Once your hospital begins using healthcare CRM, you can institute customized, personalized lead gen metrics such as lead forms and then review the success with reports. All this in one piece of software!

Lower the Rate of No-Shows

Do patient no-shows plague your medical facility? When a patient fails to arrive, it’s not only about lost income but lost time. Now the doctor and medical staff who were supposed to see the patient have a huge gap in their schedule that cannot be filled. Productivity plummets.

Reminders, alerts, and automated appointment scheduling will keep your medical staff on top of patient appointments for fewer no-shows.

Modernize Your Approach

We live in a technologically connected age, so your hospital must adapt or your patients will leave you behind. Healthcare CRM can help your facility modernize the way you do everything from communicating with customers to following up with leads.


Healthcare CRM simplifies the often too-busy lives of doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel through automation, omnichannel communication, and lead management.

SanoFlow is a healthcare CRM solution to enhance the patient experience, increase patient volume, boost patient engagement, and help patients keep more appointments. For more information about the various industries we cater to, visit our industries page. Sign up today to schedule a free demo! Also, don’t forget to check out our blog for the latest updates and tips!

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