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WhatsApp Marketing Experiments


Whatsapp Experiments

Meta has begun running tests on the WhatsApp Business Platform. The goal is to see how different marketing messages impact users. As these tests become a regular feature on WhatsApp, businesses using the WhatsApp Business API should know their marketing strategies might be affected.

What exactly are WhatsApp Marketing Experiments?

WhatsApp occasionally conducts experiments to understand the impact of messaging on the user experience and engagement. These tests are a standard practice on the platform, aiming to enhance the messaging experience for both businesses and their customers. Read the complete guide here.

Why should businesses be aware of these experiments?

These experiments provide WhatsApp with valuable insights to refine its platform. By understanding how different messaging strategies affect user engagement, WhatsApp can optimize its features and guidelines to benefit both businesses and users. For a deeper dive into the benefits of WhatsApp for businesses, check out this blog post.

Are there currently any active experiments on WhatsApp?

Yes, one of the notable experiments is the “Marketing Message Experiment.” Initiated on June 14, 2023, this experiment impacts how marketing template messages are received by a small percentage of users.

What conditions are set for the Marketing Message Experiment?

Approximately 1% of WhatsApp users won’t receive marketing template messages from businesses unless specific conditions are met. These conditions include:

  • An existing customer service window between the user and the business.
  • An ongoing marketing conversation.
  • A free-entry point conversation.

If a business’s marketing message isn’t delivered, what happens next?

The message won’t be delivered. Moreover, businesses won’t be charged for this undelivered message. They will receive a notification, specifically a message status error webhook with the error code 472, informing them of the delivery failure.

Will businesses incur charges for undelivered messages?

No, businesses will not be billed for messages that aren’t delivered due to the experiment.

Is it possible for businesses to opt out of these WhatsApp experiments by Meta?

No, businesses cannot opt out of these experiments to maintain the integrity and validity of the results. They are designed to improve the platform for all users and businesses.

If a marketing message fails to deliver, can businesses attempt to resend it to the same recipient later?

If businesses attempt to send the message immediately again, it may still not be delivered. We suggest switching to SMS as another option since it also relies on a phone number. After the customer replies on WhatsApp, the business can send the message again during the allowed chat time.

In conclusion, how should businesses adapt to these experiments?

Businesses should stay informed about ongoing experiments on WhatsApp and adjust their messaging strategies accordingly. By understanding the platform’s evolving guidelines, businesses can ensure effective communication and build stronger relationships with their customers.

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